Electronic Toys & Modules

Customized Electronic Modules

About Electronic Toys

We provide service for full toy development from your idea.

Which includes following process:

  • Understanding New Toy Idea
  • Design Electronic Part for Toy
  • Design Mechanical Part for Toy
  • Simulation of Toy using 3D Printed Parts
  • Prototype of Toy
  • Design of Die Moulds Require for Toy
  • Final assembly and Production of Toy

About Electronic Toy Modules

For any Electronic Toy basic requirements are Light, Sound, Motor and Remote Operation.
We provide Different types of electronic modules as per requirement.

Various Types of Electronic Toy Modules:

  • Light-Sound-Motor Operating Module
  • Light-Sound Electronic Toy Module
  • Light Module for Electronic Toy
  • Sound Module for Electronic Toy
  • Remote Control Car (RC Car) Module


Enjoy below videos of our Development: